The Invisible Woman

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Susan "Sue" Storm {Fantastic Four}
17 October
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Susan Storm and Johnny Storm lost their parents early on, and even though Sue was essentially only just a teenager, she stepped into the role of caring for her brother and becoming more like a motherly figure despite the fact that they were sent to live with an aunt.

Sue and Johnny had both always been intelligent, their father a renowned scientist. Sue chose to pursue college after graduating high school, and later becomes the head of Victor Von Doom's Genetic Research Department. It was during her college years that she met and fell in love with Reed Richards, but the two had never been on the same page. He was always caught up with his work and didn't give her enough indication that he truly cared for her. Her relationship to Von Doom was just as doomed {pardon the pun), Sue not really feeling anything for the man.

During a space flight involving Sue, Victor, Reed, her brother Johnny, and old friend, Ben Grimm - the group encounter an anomaly that messes with their genetic structures and gifts them with what are essentially super powers.

The Fantastic Four as they soon become known decide that saving the world is what they are now meant to do, and the superheroes don't hide. Everything they do is covered by the news, and media. Their identities are not secret - and even Johnny chases sponsorship for them. Von Doom, however has other plans and the FF4 go up against him in a clash of powers.

Reed soon realises that he wants another chance with Sue, and she accepts an offer of proposal from him, finally believing that she has a chance at happiness. Only Reed's tendency to become a workaholic, the media constantly crashing their personal moments, and yet another emergency interrupt wedding attempt number four. Sue has doubts, more than enough of them to seriously consider ending everything until Reed promises the two of them can retire to normal lives.

Only Sue can't abandon Johnny and Ben, the four of them once again confronting a nemisis that brings them together and makes them realise they are a team. Wedding number five happens in Japan, and this time Reed and Sue do actually tie the knot.

For noiredeluxure: (retired)

For the purpose of RP, it is now a year and a half after the events of the second Fantastic Four movie and Sue and Reed are going through a very public divorce. The Fantastic Four are still under the scrutiny of the media which means their marriage and subsequent end are as well. Sue still struggles to get Reed's attention away from his work, and trying to maintain a relationship with the media constantly in her face.

Also for the purpose of RP she doesn't have Jessica Alba's face, or the personality given to Sue in the movies. She's a little closer to what Johnny's sister would actually be like.

Her Johnny is and will always be nevertoohot.

Disclaimer: Not Sue Storm since she belongs to Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, Twentieth Century Fox, and Marvel. Also not Sophia Myles. She's just the face for this AU version. Just for fun and games, don't get your knickers in a twist.